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d0585: Victorian Sterling Silver Water Jug

 Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1896 by Henry Matthews, this handsome, Victorian, antique Sterling Silver water jug, stands on four ball feet, is very plain and simple in style, and features a shell and gadroon border around the lid, and wooden handle and finial. The water jug measures 7.75 inches (19.5cm) tall, by 8 inches (20cm) from handle to spout.

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j2697: Victorian Sterling Silver Pair Of Sauce Boats

 Hallmarked in London, 1896 by D. & J. Wellby, this handsome pair of late Victorian, antique silver sauce boats, feature scalloped edges, acanthus detailed flying scroll handles, and stand on three hoof feet. Each sauce boat measures 3.75 inches (9.5cm) tall, by 5.75 inches (14.5cm) from handle to spout, and the pair weigh 10 troy ounces.

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2 results

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