The London Silver Vaults

The World famous London Silver Vaults have long held a reputation as a must-see destination in London, attracting Collectors, dealers, and tourists from around the world for over 50 years. Situated in Chancery Lane amidst London's legal district, the Silver Vaults reflect a true part of traditional England, depicting the quintessential brilliance and superiority of English Craftsmanship in Silver, unsurpassed the world over.

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Home to the largest collection of Antique Silver in the World, the Vaults, situated below ground, date back to 1882 when the nearby Chancery Lane Safe deposit was opened and used by London's wealthy and elite in order to safeguard their household silver, jewellery and personal documents. Merchants in nearby areas such as 'Hatton Gardens', centre of the Diamond trade, would use the vaults each night to put away their valuable pieces and collect them again in the morning ready for their daily trading. As the vaults became more reputable over time, trading transpired from the building itself with many of the original clientele being replaced by silver dealers who required secure premises for their valuable stock.

Today's entrance to the London Silver Vaults and Safe Deposit....

During the Second World War, the building above the Vaults was destroyed by bombing and almost a decade later, in 1953, a new building, adjacent to the original site, was completed with a system of specially designed secure underground shops - The London Silver Vaults. Today the vaults consist of over 40 shops open to the public, an indubitable Aladdin's cave for any keen Silver enthusiast.

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